Canyoning means exploring a river. Equipped with wetsuite, harness and helmet we access the gorge.  Following the river downwards with  jumps into pools, slides and abseiling manovers we discover an unique part of nature . From beginner to expert tours, choose your tour!


Tour "Waterfun"

Beginner tour for everyone!

  • Many Jumps and slides up to 4m (not compelling)
  • 1,5 hous in the gorge. Fun for everybody!
  • accesible gorge


Duration of the tour: 2 hours

Meetingpoint: Gasthaus Marie in Achenwald (Achenkirch 600)


Also ideal for kids from 8 years on!


price: adult: €75,--/first kid € 55,--, second kid € 50,--




beginner tour "waterfun"


Tour "Flyingfox"


Beginner tour with abseiling and slides!

  • slides and abseiling
  • flyingfox
  • A little longer approach (15-20 min)
  • partly narrow gorge


Duration of the tour: 2,5 hours


Meeting point:  Gasthaus Marie in Achenwald (Achenkirch 600)


Costs: adult: € 85,--/ kids from 12 and older: € 65--



tour "flyingfox"

Blue lagoon

Tour "Blue lagoon"


Our most challenging "beginner tour"


For this tour we have to travel to Mayerhofen/Zillertal!

For sporty persons even possible to start with


  • jumps up to 8m
  • abseiling and climbing
  • narrow, dark sections
  • 45 min car acces to Mayerhofen

Duration of the tour: about 2 hours


Meetingpoint: parking at Abenteuerpark Achenkirch


Costs: adult: € 92,-- youth from 15 and older: € 80,--





Tour "Adrenalina"


Our action tour for very sporty persons!


  • steep aproach, 45 min
  • narrow gorge
  • abseiling up to 30m
  • technical challenging
  • possible jumps and slides (depends on conditions)
  • climbing


Costs: adults € 115,--

Meetingpoint: Gasthaus Marie in 6215 Achenkirch nr.: 600


tel.: +43 650 42 51 680

"Lake view"

high abseiling

tour "Lake view"


Our expert alpine abseiling lake-tour!


  • A long approach (1h)
  • abseiling up to 50 meters
  • climbing
  • exposed sections
  • beautiful lake view

A brilliant experience if you have the ability!

Abseil canyon with great view to the lake!


Duration:day trip

meetingpoint: parking at Abenteuerpark Achensee


price: € 420,-- private tour for 2 persons